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So, for those curious, the latest books I have read are "Sorched" by Sharon Ashwook and "Child of Fire" by Harry Connolly.

"Scorched" is a paranormal romance novel that mostly follows Mac - a half demon trying to get his life back together after being a full soul sucking demon nightmare. It is the second book of the Dark Forgotten series and I didn't realize it until maybe half way through. It didn't matter. The book stood upon its own merits sort of speak. The icky bits were few which was a relief and you know I promptly skipped over them. Farview holds a magical prison for supernatural inhabitants that if released from their prison could destroy the world. Over the years the magic of the prison has waned and its inhabitants threatening to get out into the real world. Mac gets thrown in by the town's supernatural authority, Alessandro, so he wouldn't have to kill him. While down there finds a girl, er half turned vampire Constance, and she has a problem. He decides to help because that is evidently what he does, even though that type of thing got him turned into a demon the first time around. I liked it. I don't love it to the point where I would say, go and buy it, but you can totally borrow it from me.

"Child of Fire" is an urban fantasy. A lot of the Amazon reviews likened the book to Jim Butchers Dresden Files. I read Storm Front, book 1 of the series and I didn't want to continue with it. There is something that charmed me in "Child of Fire." The book doesn't give you the answers. Ray Lilly, a con man with an extensive criminal record is with Annalise Powliss, a powerful magic user. Annalise would like nothing more to see him dead for the sins of his past but for some unknown reason they are working side by side on a case. All we get is they are hunting anyone who may be using magic to attract predators that can destroy all the earth. He has a few tools at his disposal, a ghost knife (which is really cool!!! and I wants one!!)and "tattoos" that protect some parts of his body. He and his "partner" are up against a town's corrupt police department and magic abusing toy factor owner. It was a quick read, I finished it in a day. You know something, I would like to read the second book in the series "Game of Cages" while, like I said before, I have no interest in continuing with Dresden Files. You may buy this one.

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